four eyed fish achieves results by linking inventive strategy with experienced implementation. We specialize in helping organizations understand and build upon employee dynamics, culture, and interests.

From strategic communication to leadership and coaching, we’re specifically geared to enable you to cultivate the enthusiasm of your employees and their commitment to achieving the goals of your company.

Strategic Communications

Planning. Implementation. Measurement.

Executive Coaching

Authenticity. Communication. Motivation.

What is a four eyed fish?

And why does it matter?

We hoped you’d ask. A four-eyed fish has only two eyes, but can see above and below the waterline at the same time. Their vision is unique, and so is ours.

four eyed fish brings its one-of-a-kind perspective to each and every project and focuses on connecting the approach and implementation of client communication with our clients’ objectives, strategy, and timing. We deliver quality, creativity, and results. And we do it with passion and genuine partnership.

But communication is just the start. It’s what happens next that’s important. And when you’re successful, so are we.

Strategic Communications

Our focus:

  • Meaningful employee research
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Leader communication
  • Internal & executive communication strategy and implementation
  • Change and crisis communication
  • Surveys, measurement, and evaluation

What if employees weren’t merely engaged? What if they felt like they were stakeholders in the success of your organization? What if they gave, not just extra time, but more careful thought and genuine passion? Where would that put your team in terms of productivity? The results would be transformative.

four eyed fish enables companies to understand employee dynamics, culture, and interests. Your colleagues are your audience—your internal customer—and your greatest asset. The more involved they are, the more committed they will be.

When leaders understand how their employees tick, the design of their in-house and executive communications becomes intuitive. No longer simply the relaying of information, communication becomes a way to build employee enthusiasm and commitment—a tool to achieve the goals of the organization.

Executive Coaching

We focus on all aspects of leadership goals and challenges—but we specialize in how you communicate. We help our clients:

•  Define vision, goals, and strategy
•  Build leadership skills
•  Increase individual and team productivity
•  Achieve their “best possible” results
•  Provide unbiased, objective feedback
•  Ask the tough questions
•  Help you find better work-life balance

We work with leaders too. Professional advancement comes with higher expectations. The communication skills that served you for years may need an upgrade. Dynamic public speaking and effectively leading team discussions are now essential. Making meaningful connections through a variety of channels—like e-mail and video conferencing—can be harder than anticipated. And the stakes are high. Achieving the vision you have for your team and for your organization depends upon effective communication.

Through our executive coaching, leaders acquire the necessary skills and learn to utilize the right tools to convey their ideas, motivate their teams, and form authentic connections with their colleagues. Whether you’re facing new career tasks, like public speaking, or simply struggling with critical face-to-face team connections, we can help you build the specific skills to get it right and get results. Improved communication is a critical investment in your career. You can’t afford to put it off.

“If you want to have the edge in your business, true employee engagement
is not a ‘nice-to-have’ … It’s critical.”

Jenifer Beaudean

Jenifer Beaudean, Principal of four eyed fish, LLC, is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with twenty years of proven experience.

She is the former Director of Internal and Executive Communication at Boehringer Ingelheim (Pharmaceuticals), and her expertise centers on measuring the needs of the internal (employee) audience, driving employee engagement, enhancing communication between management and staff, and fine-tuning executive communication.

As a coach, Jenny is particularly focused on how leaders communicate with others—whether the executive is working to connect with a team, the larger employee audience, or outside stakeholders. As leaders progress through levels of responsibility, the way they communicate must evolve. Jenny works with each leader to find their own strengths-based, authentic means of creating a genuine and successful connection with others.

Jenny understands effective leadership. She is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and holds an MBA from University of Michigan Business School. Her coaching certification is from Columbia University.

She is the author of Whatever the Cost: One Woman’s Battle to Find Peace with Her Body.

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